Dubai Photography

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Dubai photography, or specifically Pioneer Studio of Dubai, has never been better.  Pioneer Studio is worth mentioning.  After all, is no competition to our studio here in the States so why wouldn't I mention them.  When I first hit their site I was so impressed I just had to pass the word along.
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Hanging Picture Frames with Ribbon

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Hanging Picture Frames with Ribbon


If you are getting sick of trying to hang a picture on your wall with the traditional hammer and nail, and you want to make the process easier and cuter, then it is time to look for another way. Hanging with ribbon is as reliable as a couple nails in your wall, but it adds some extra color! So rather than spending hours searching for exactly what you need, or paying hundreds of dollars for a custom framing job,  you can just buy the spool of ribbon that catches your eye. Let’s get started by heading to your local craft store.

If you already have a frame that is a color you love and it matches your picture, then this will be an even easier craft for you! For the rest of us, all we need to start with is a frame. It is ok if it’s not the right color yet as that is an easy fix. Next, you will want to get some sandpaper and paint for the frame if you want to give it a distressed look. You will also need a spool of ribbon to match the color of frame and the picture. I would recommend grosgrain ribbon since you will need it to be strong enough to support the weight of the frame. The last thing you will need is a pair of screw eyes for each frame you want to hang.

For this example, I had the picture already printed and matted in just a plain white color. I purchased an older-looking frame from the thrift shop, but I didn’t like the wood stain on it. To coordinate this frame with the rest of my living room, I picked a light teal spray paint and painted the entire frame. After it dried, I used some sandpaper and brushed the edges with it to give it a weathered look. If you want a really distressed look, just scrub a little longer and harder. For the ribbon, I chose a white and teal-striped print. I only bought one spool of it since I only needed to hang the one frame, but if you need to hang more, or if you want to hang the frame at a longer length, you might want to buy a few extra spools. Ok the back of the frame, I measured for where to put the screw eyes. I put them an equal distance away from the middle, and screwed them in as tight as I could. I then cut a 12” strand of the ribbon and tied each end to a screw eye and secured with a good knot. Then, hang the ribbon over a nail. That’s it!

Now you are ready to hang some more pictures without having to put so many holes into your walls. The ribbon will add a much-needed splash of color, and you could even use the remaining ribbon to add some pretty bows to your handiwork.

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